Cores/Rotating Cores

   With capabilities to manufacture core from 1/4" diameter to 8" diameter and up to 16" long Complete with gear, thread, complex molding details With Ded-Tru grinding in house for those cores that require grinding, we have several manufacturing options.

​​Gate Inserts

Whether it is a Husky gate or a one off custom gate ProTurn can assist you in cost efficient ways to manufacture.  With capabilities of hard turning I.D. diameters as small as .035" with an extremely high level of accuracy.  ProTurn can make easy work of your seal diameters and angles as well as the actual gate through Including molding details, and dimples finished to center without tearing, ripping, or excessive polishing required.

Cavity Components 

   With capabilities to manufacture cavities from 1/4" diameter to 8" diameter. Complete with machining, venting, plating, engraving, polishing, dowels, EDM, waterlines, and complex molding details we can supply your mold ready cavities.

Complete Stack Ups 

Utilizing the latest in tooling and machinery technology ProTurn can supply your mold ready stack ups. Constantly reinvesting in machinery, inspection equipment, and training ProTurn can offer 100% interchangeability, mold ready stack ups, with extremely short lead times to the tolerances and expectations you require.

Thin Wall Sleeves 

  Having adopted some unique manufacturing processes ProTurn has Hard Turned sleeves as thin as .040" and as long as 8" For extended length sleeves alternative wire EDM applications are offered 

Stripper Rings 

  With capabilities up to 8" diameter Complete with venting, flats, molding details ProTurn can also offer mold ready components complete with EDM, as well as 5 axis machining

Hard Turning 

  With over 20 years of experience, ProTurn has been on the forefront of this technology since the early 90's. Capable of tolerances, concentricity, and surface finishes meeting or exceeding that of alternative grinding solutions and in a fraction of the time. ProTurn has overcome obstacles such as interruptions, thin walls, and length to dia. ratios; the opportunities to utilize our processes are growing every year.

  •    Turning O.D. dimensions as large as 8" and I.D. dimensions as small as .035" Holding +.0002 -.0000
  •   Parallelism and concentricity held to less then .0002" 
  •    Eliminating the need for more expensive operations such as O.D./I.D grinding, jig grinding, Ded-Tru, and surface grinding. 

 Let us look at your application and assist you on finding the most cost efficient way to manufacture your mold components